Training Services

(1 day course)

Take-Off is our on-site or virtual training course. This course is designed to give the student a basic foundation in quality and safety. The curriculum in this course includes basic understanding of terms, safety and quality management philosophies, continuous process improvement principles, Introduction to root cause analysis and corrective actions.

Training Services

Elevate (2 Day Course)

Elevate is the next step in your training. This course continues to build on the curriculum from the “Take-Off” course as well as introduces conversation on team building, employee morale, and leadership development. While recommended to complete “Take-Off” first, it is not required.

Training Services

Soar (3 Day Course)

Soar is the final step in your journey. In this course we will cover all aspects from the “Take-Off” and “Elevate” courses in an even greater detail as well as topics such as safety programs and policies, program management, team management and executive expectations.


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