Safety Oriented Motivational Conversations

Plane-Side Chats

A play on the popular “fire-side” chats that have gained momentum amongst public and motivational speakers, our plane-side chats are tailored specifically to your industry and needs. Quality Aerospace professionals come on-site to host an engaging safety-oriented conversation with employees. Drawing from years of public speaking and safety seminars our team will conduct a meaningful presentation and conversation with your workforce where we will aim to understand the current safety mindset at the location, identify areas of improvement and share personal stories and best practices to help shape the safety culture of our customers.

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Plane-Side Chats

Whether you have experienced an unsettling uptick in safety related incidents at your location or just feel that your workforce could use a refresher on the importance of working safe, our tailored conversations are a great investment. No meeting is too small to make the investment in safety. Let us help you take that first step in crafting a winning safety culture.


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