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At a time when quality oversight is at the forefront of leaders, board members, and regulators minds, it is more important than ever that companies are providing their employees with the skills and tools necessary to operate with the highest degree of safety.

Quality Aerospace is striving to be the industry leader in quality training and leadership development. We offer our customers with the advantage to hire our team of industry experts to conduct quality and safety reviews of their programs, policies, and procedures. Our expert-level review will set you up for continued success by verifying that your company not just meets but exceeds industry and regulatory requirements. Our leadership team has more than 30 years of combined experience in safety, quality, and regulatory compliance for several of the world’s largest aerospace companies.

As senior safety and quality leaders in aviation our founders realized a need for aviation auditing and training that combines the expertise and knowledge gained through years of experience in commercial aviation with the flexibility and level of customization necessary to suit any size company. With insights into the struggles that several smaller companies face in the form of staffing, training and quality of their workforce, Quality Aerospace was born.

Our primary mission now and for the future always will be to provide the aerospace industry with top-of-the-line professionals and programs so that companies may reach their full potential in safety and quality.

Get to Know Our Team

About our team

Quality Aerospace founder and President Brian Fogle began market research in early 2017 while he was working in a senior management position for one of the world’s largest airlines. He had identified the need for an organization that could focus on what he considered the most important aspect of any successful company, the adequate training and skills of its workforce. Brian spent several years and countless hours traveling the world and talking with individuals in the aerospace industry about the importance of safety and quality in the industry. Throughout this time, he spoke to hundreds of employees from a variety of businesses and backgrounds to learn first-hand the skills, training, and personal philosophies that are most successful across industries.

Brian is a career aviation professional with a background in Airport Operations, Cargo Operations and Technical Operations. He holds several safety and quality accreditations from a variety of different organizations and enjoys the opportunity to speak about the importance of safety any chance that he gets.

To learn more about him please visit his personal social media accounts here.


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